How much money will I save by buying a cheap garage door?

You won’t save any money at all! In fact, you will be spending even more money on a new, better-quality garage door after your cheap door fails and is no longer operational.

How will I be able to use my smartphone to operate my garage door opener?

By having us install a brand-new Chamberlain or Liftmaster garage door operator. Chain or belt drive, 2 remotes, 1 keypad and 10-year motor warranties with built in Wifi capabilities!

Why do garage door openers just stop working?

Sometimes operators stop working when the motor dies but even when this happens, you usually hear a click when trying to use it. When the operator doesn’t work properly, there is usually a reason that needs to be addressed by a professional.

What licenses, insurances, and Bonds do you have?

There is no license required for a garage door repair technician in Indiana. We do, however, have general liability insurance which covers specifically garage door-related claims.

What garage door brands do you repair?

We repair all brands of garage doors!

Why is my garage door so loud?

Usually, a loud garage door is a sign of worn-out hardware (hinges, rollers, etc.). Noisy garage doors should be inspected immediately to avoid more costly repairs.

What is wrong with my garage door if it doesn’t open?

More often than not, you have a broken spring. However, there are many other issues that can cause a garage door not to open properly. If your garage door does not open properly, you should have its services immediately to avoid more costly repairs.

What parts do you have to replace garage door systems?

We carry all parts to repair a garage door on our trucks and if we don’t have a specific part for your garage door, we can usually get it the same day!

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